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User Mods

There is now an unofficial project that helps you use, make, and distribute your own mods: word-realms-mods

The following mods are known to exist:

* These are translations of the original game's scenes and dialogue, plus replacement dictionaries and taunts made from example sentences. They are prepackaged for word-realms-mods. They were made with wr-trans, but since they're already packaged, you don't need wr-trans to play them. However, the translations of the script and the scenes could use some help, since they were done automatically and have not been checked by native speakers or anything like that.

There is also one that was in development and has not been released:

  • Round Realms

If you are interested in developing your own mod, you may be interested in some consolidated lore.

Language Learning

There exists an unofficial project to help you translate parts of Word Realms into other languages, as a way of adding even more replay value as a language-learning tool: wr-trans

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