The Standing Stones

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The Standing Stones is a combat zone. It is unlocked by completing The Puppy's Nightmare.


Journal description

This circle of stones has always had an eerie feeling of eldritch magic to it. No one knows how an ancient civilization hewed the stones from the living rock, then transported them hundreds of miles, the compelled them to stand. Most archaeologists agree, though, that it’s an altar, or a calendar, or a sports field, or possibly a giant’s Zen garden.

Recently, a coven of witches has been meeting here, drawn by the ley-lines of magic that coalesce at the circle’s center. Or, possibly drawn there because it’s got a good spooky reputation but is close enough to the tavern to drop by for a pint after Samhain.


Who Witch
When Witch
Where Witch

Which Witch

  • Note: the Which Witch will not appear until you've checked in with the Scribe after freeing his daughter and also had at least 12 wins in this zone.


Special events

Swiftironsword.png Swiftiron Sword You find a strange, eerily lightweight sword. One time only. Requires 3 wins in this zone.
Woodencane.png Wooden Cane You see a cane abandoned in the grass. Unlike the Stones, whoever left it probably isn't standing. One time only. Requires 3 wins in this zone.
Unfinishedwand.png Unfinished Wand You see a partly-constructed wand on a shelf and help yourself. Repeatable. Requires that you won your last fight and have the ability to do Crafting. 1 in 4 chance.
Dandelionwine.png Dandelion Wine You find a bottle hidden behind a stone. Repeatable. Requires 1 win in this zone, and to have not run from the last fight. 1 in 4 chance.
Gold.png Gold [Gain 75-150] You find a coffer full of gold, no doubt a ransom the witches collected. Repeatable. Requires 5 wins in this zone, and to have not run from the last fight. 1 in 5 chance.
Cut-scene: Wakey Wakey After 5 wins
Cut-scene: Buttons (see Arial) After 7 wins
Cut-scene: Buttons After 9 wins and finding BUTTONS in The Half-Constructed Nightmare
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