The Graveyard

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Graveyard.gif The Graveyard is a combat zone. It is unlocked by finding the Dream Jar dropped by the Dream Technician in The Western Road, then taking it to the Elder in the Village.


Journal description

This is your typical village graveyard, a place so popular that people are dying to get in, a place where the living go to mourn and bury the dead. Or, at least it was until recently, when it became a place where the dead unbury themselves and shamble forth to feast on the living.

Your goal is to find Benedict, who will teach you how to use the Dream Jar. You find Benedict after 6 successful fights in the Graveyard. You may then return to the Village to continue the main quest or stick around the Graveyard and help Benedict by killing the Dreamwraith. Killing the Dreamwraith (who appears after 14 wins) is optional and not required to advance the main quest line.

According to your Journal, it takes 19 fights to fully complete the Graveyard: 6 of each basic enemy, and one with the Dreamwraith. Milestones are awarded after every other fight with a particular type of enemy.


Ghost Warrior

Wretchel, the Dreamwraith


  • Find Benedict to learn how to use the Dream Jar, then return to the Village.
  • Defeat the Dreamwraith (optional)

Special Events

Batteredshield.png Battered Shield You find a battered shield leaning against a gravestone. One time only. After 3 wins.
Antiquesilvernecklace.png Antique Silver Necklace A glint of silver in an open grave, a momentary lapse in ethics. One time only. After 3 wins.
Bottleofwhiskey.png Bottle of Whiskey You could use a stiff drink after that fight. Thankfully, a melodramatic lush left one behind a gravestone. Only if you lose. 1/3 chance.
Cutscene: You want every corpse in the graveyard to know you're here?/Training montage After 6 wins
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