Maximum MP Modifiers

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Note: See also Intelligence Modifiers, which increase MP at a rate of 5 MP/Intelligence on normal, or 3 MP/Intelligence on hard mode.

+20 Reinforcedtunic.png Reinforced Tunic 20 gold Power: 6
Stats: +20 Maximum HP
A shirt festooned with straps and buckles.
+15 Abyssalgauntlets.png Abyssal Gauntlets 45 gold Power: 5
Use: Damages the wearer
Stats: +15 Maximum MP
+10 Lunarbracers.png Lunar Bracers 20 gold Defense: 6
Stats: +10 Maximum MP
Made of moondust-infused steel.
+5 Ethersteelgauntlets.png Ethersteel Gauntlets 50 gold Power: 5
Stats: +5 Maximum MP
Be sure not to touch anything... sensitive.
+20 Ethersteelring.png Ethersteel Ring 75 gold Stats: +20 Maximum MP
Sparks dance across its surface.
+15 Lunarring.png Lunar Ring 9 gold Stats: +15 Maximum MP
It looks pretty and powerful, and makes you feel pretty powerful.
+5 Betaband.png Beta Band 1 gold Stats: +2 to B Tiles
+5 Maximum HP
+5 Maximum MP

Adorned with a fish-shaped jewel, and inscribed with the cryptic message 'Thanks!'
+5 Eldersring.png Elder's Ring 2 gold Stats: +5 Maximum MP
So old that even the tarnish is tarnished.
+5 Galecsring.png Galec's Ring 2 gold Stats: +5 Maximum MP
Why does this smell so bad?
+30 Smithshammer.png Smith's Hammer 200 gold Attack: 15
Stats: +30 Maximum MP
+20 Staffofawakening.png Staff of Awakening 75 gold Power: 13
Stats: +1 Vocabulary
+20 Maximum MP

+5 Rustyoldsword.png Rusty Old Sword 18 gold Power: 4
Stats: +5 Maximum MP
Don't use this if your sword skills are as rusty as it is.
+40 Chargedsphere.png Charged Sphere 100 gold Stats: +40 Maximum MP
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