Lord Nightmare's Castle

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Lord Nightmare's Castle is the final zone in the main quest line. It is unlocked by defeating both the Which Witch in The Standing Stones and Ambassador Gorg in Fort Nox, in either order.


Journal description

Lord Nightmare's Castle was not built; it simply appeared overnight, squatting in the crags of the forbidding mountain. It generates a low hum that vibrates the breastbone and sets one's teeth on edge.

Not even the bravest missionary from the most evangelical sect will knock on that door. Even trick-or-treaters and travelling salesman give the place a wide berth.


Agatha Crustie
Captain Felton
Alacrita, Exiled Witch
Brannigan Blunt
Lord Nightmare


  • Defeat each of the unique enemies to encounter Lord Nightmare.
  • If you can be especially effective in The Technician's Nightmare, you can defeat Lord Nightmare outright the first time you meet him and receive the Alternative Ending. More likely, however, you will lose to Lord Nightmare and have to enter the Nightmare Village.
  • Defeat the nightmare versions of the Blacksmith, Herbalist, Scribe, Elder, and Barkeep to open up the Clock Tower for the final battle.
  • Defeat Lord Nightmare in the final battle at the Clock Tower to end the main quest.

Special events

  • You receive +5 strength or intelligence (depending on class) for each enemy you defeat.
  • In the nightmare version of the village, you receive increasingly large stat bonuses after each successful fight.
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