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Fort Nox is a combat zone. It is unlocked by telling The Elder about the map you find in The Gramlin Hideout.


Journal description

Fort Nox is the westernmost settlement of the Subjunctors, a savage and cunning race from the wild lands of the East. Under the control of Ambassador Gorg, the Fort has become little more than a dungeon to house Gorg’s political enemies, or anyone that looks at him funny when he’s been having a grumpy morning. Gorg’s rumored alliance with Lord Nightmare hasn’t made his disposition any more pleasant either.

It’s devilishly hard to break out of Fort Nox. It’s probably comparatively easy to break in, because it’s hard to imagine anyone wanting to do so.


Subjunctor Alchemist
Subjunctor Brute
Subjunctor Guard

Ambassador Gorg


Special events

Platebracers.png Plate Bracers You loot an armor stand. In the place where the Subjunctors live and work. One time only. After 3 wins.
Platehelmet.png Plate Helmet (in combination with the above)
Plateboots.png Plate Boots (in combination with the above)
Alchemistsrobe.png Alchemistshood.png Alchemist's Robe,
Alchemist's Hood
You find a set of clothes tossed into a corner. After checking carefully for stains, you take them with you. One time only. After 3 wins.
Polisheddeadwooddowel.png Polished Deadwood Dowel You rescue a sturdy deadwood dowel from a lifetime spent as a halberd handle. Repeatable. Requires you won your last fight and have Crafting ability. Odds 1 in 4.
Fortnoxprisonwine.png Fort Nox Prison Wine In an empty cell, you find a container of foul-smelling liquid. Looks like one of the prisoners had a hankerin' for some pruno. Repeatable. Requires 5 wins in this zone and that you didn't run from your last fight. Odds 1 in 4.
Cut-scene: Is that a brain? After 5 wins
Cut-scene: In for a penny After 8 wins
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