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Effects are modifiers that can affect you or your opponents during a battle. Most effects last a specified number of rounds, but some last for the rest of the battle or until other conditions are met.

Effects can be obtained by using skills, having skills used against you, or using items.

Afire.png Afire Taking fire damage every round.
Afireinside.png Afire Inside Increases damage for hot words.
Aggresive.png Aggressive In an aggressive stance.
Allergic.png Allergic Sneezing away your A,C,H, and O tiles.
Angry.png Angry Increases attack value.
Bashed.png Bashed Attack and defense reduced.
Befuddled.png Befuddled Shortens round timer.
Bitten.png Bitten Vocabulary is temporarily reduced.
Bleeding.png Bleeding Taking damage every round.
Bloodboiling.png Blood Boiling Restores 20 MP every round.
Bubbled.png Bubbled Can't attack or use some skills.
Bugged.png Bugged Randomly shuffles your word occasionally.
Clearandfocused.png Clear and Focused Increases word score by 3.
Dilated.png Dilated Halves round timer.
Displaced.png Displaced Opponent has a 50% chance of missing.
Dizzy.png Dizzy Reduces attack and defense.
Dumbfounded.png Dumbfounded Cannot play words longer than 5 letters.
Entangled.png Entangled Prevents playing tiles from your bottom row and the use of some skills.
Extrapoulticed.png Extra Poulticed Restores 10 HP and MP at the beginning of every round.
Fearful.png Fearful Vowel tiles are worth -1 point.
Forgetful.png Forgetful Can't remember how to use skills.
Frozen.png Frozen You can't move!
Hammered.png Hammered 25% chance of using the wrong letter from your tileset.
Hasty.png Hasty Allows movement so fast that your opponent can't react.
Iced.png Iced Word score reduced.
Impersonating.png Impersonating Opponent won't attack you.
Intimidated.png Intimidated Reduces attack by 5.
Lucky.png Lucky Guarantees opponent's rare drop.
Lustingforblood.png Lusting for Blood Increases damage for violent words.
Moonstruck.png Moonstruck Increases spell damage.
Muted.png Muted Reduces word score and prevents the use of some skills.
Narcissistic.png Narcissistic Value of I tiles increased by 3.
Necrotic.png Necrotic Taking necrotic damage every round.
Paradoxial.png Paradoxical Decreases vocabulary by 6.
Poisoned.png Poisoned Taking poison damage every round.
Poulticed.png Poulticed Restores 10 HP every round.
Prescient.png Prescient Increases vocabulary by 12.
Protected.png Protected Immune to first letters in word.
Queasy.png Queasy You are a little sick from being so hasty!
Quickened.png Quickened Increases attack and defense by 20.
Rapidlycirculating.png Rapidly Circulating Restores 25 HP every round.
Reallyangry.png Really Angry Increases attack and defense.
Selfless.png Selfless Value of U tiles increased by 3.
Shadowy.png Shadowy Increases defense.
Shielded.png Shielded Provides an energy shield that absorbs damage.
Shredded.png Shredded Decreases defense.
Soaked.png Soaked Reduces attack value.
Speakingintongues.png Speaking in Tongues Increases word score by 10.
Stiff.png Stiff Forces you to use certain tiles.
Superfast.png Super Fast Doubles attack and defense.
Terrified.png Terrified Reduces attack and defense.
Thumped.png Thumped Reduces attack value.
Tough.png Tough Increases defense by 5.
Transformedfromscroll.png Transformed In the form of a Gramlin.
Transformedfromskill.png Transformed You are someone else!
Venomsoaked.png Venom-Soaked Increases attack by 30.
Venomous.png Venomous Successful hits poisons opponent.
Walloped.png Walloped Reduces vocabulary temporarily.
Webbed.png Webbed Cannot move for one turn.
Whenami.png When Am I Appearing as the When Witch.
Whereami.png Where Am I Appearing as the Where Witch.
Whoami.png Who Am I Appearing as the Who Witch.
Withered.png Withered Reduces attack and defense value by 25%.
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