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The Dream Jar allows you to capture and store nightmares (minigames) belonging to certain characters. By entering the nightmares, you can awaken the characters and enlist their help in completing your quest.

Clicking on the dream jar icon (above) on the main interface shows you the contents of your jar. Each nightmare you have collected is represented by a shining jewel floating in the jar.


Click on the jewel to enter the nightmare and play the associated minigame.

Certain nightmares must be completed in order to advance the main quest. When one of these nightmares remains uncompleted, the Dream Jar icon on the main interface will have a yellow exclamation mark floating in it: Jarquest.gif.

Nightmares collected in the jar

The Herbalist's Nightmare: (form words rapidly)
The Blacksmith's Nightmare: (form enough words from a set of tiles that may be used a maximum of three times each)
The Vat Brain's Nightmare: (form words from letters that change when you select them)
The Half-Constructed Nightmare: (make words describing the items in the little girl's room)
The Puppy's Nightmare: (change one letter of a word at a time to reach the target word)
Screamy's Nightmare: (form a valid word from the available tiles)
Rafael's Nightmare: (form a word using all the available tiles)
Weald's Nightmare: (form words conforming to the branches on the tree)
The Technician's Nightmare: (defeat Lord Nightmare)

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