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You can create up to 99 characters. After that, you'll have to delete some via the Character page to create new ones.

The interface should be pretty straightforward, but there are some hidden Easter eggs available here, namely entering one of the following as your character's name (case insensitive):

  • cdmoyer or cdm or chris moyer
  • felicia day
  • frontalot or mc frontalot or damian hess
  • gaby or gaby alter
  • john hodgman
  • josh or skully or josh nite
  • kevin or hotstuff or kevin simmons
  • riff
  • roy or vatolobo or roy wasson
  • saurabh or faplap or saurabh asthana
  • thomas jefferson
  • wes or toxicwes or wes cleveland
  • zack or jick or zack johnson

Any of these will give special a special appearance to your character. They also almost alway make the gender unselectable (Felicia Day can be set to 'male' but then gets stuck there), but there's a separate special appearance for a Warrior vs. a Wizard for any of these except Thomas Jefferson, who appears to be represented by an Eye of Providence, a symbol used by the Freemasons of which he was a member.


Admin Mode

There is also a special "admin" mode if you type SWORDFISH (in all caps) as your name--after you focus away from the name slot, it will then switch to ACCESS GRANTED, after which you can name your character whatever you want, or cancel and choose a pre-existing character.

Once this is enabled, it lasts until you quit the game. In a fight, you can press the Escape key to win it immediately.

It also opens up a Tools option on the main menu:


It gives access to a menu with some debug options.

While playing the game, and in a place where the navigation bar is visible at the bottom, you can hit Ctrl+U and Ctrl+Shift+U to bring up more debug options.

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