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Making sure crafting recipes are complete. For instance at Crafting#Textile_Recipes if you click each of the row/column headings you'll notice that some of the ingredients do not list all the recipes on their own pages (even though they are there on the main Crafting page.)


Crafting can be unlocked after finishing a certain quest at the Blacksmith or the Herbalist. See those pages for spoilery details. Then you can buy the blacksmith's old tools for 200-500 Gold or the herbalist's for 100-400 after completing the appropriate quests (depending on Kindness), either of which allow combining and breaking down items in your inventory:


Some recipes use break down one item, while others combine two items. You can get a preview of what you are going to make by placing the items in the crafting slots. See here for a list of all components.


Breakdown Recipes

Abysmuth Chunk Abysmuth Ingot (2)
Alchemist's Hood Spool of Forcethread
Alchemist's Robe Spool of Forcethread
Amanita Glossolalia Hallucinogenic Powder
Black Heart Concentrated Venom
Black Cloak Spool of Shadethread
Boar Hide Thick Leather Straps
Cold Coffee Stimulant Crystals
Dandelion Wine Aqua Vitae
Ectoplasmic Orb Hauntstone
Expensive Cognac Aqua Vitae
Fire Stick Phlogistone Shard
Fort Nox Moonshine Aqua Vitae
Gold Tooth Gold Wire
Inflammatory Writ Phlogistonic Salts
Luneshine Crude Lunestone
Moondust Crude Lunestone
Potion of Distant Memory Temporal Precipitate
Potion of Time Dilation Temporal Precipitate
Vial of Ectoplasm Moaning Vapor
Silvery Helmet Hauntstone
Spider Silk Bolt of Raw Silk
Spiked Harness Vicious Spikes
Subjunctor Greathelm Subjunctor Iron Ingot
Subjunctor Healing Potion Red Corpuscles
Subjunctor Shield Subjunctor Iron Ingot
Subjunctor Sword Subjunctor Iron Ingot
Swiftiron Shield Swiftiron Ingot
Swiftiron Sword Swiftiron Ingot
Thick Leather Straps Leather Cord
Twisted Ring Concentrated Venom

Combining Recipes

Jewelry Ingredient Recipes

+ Crude Lunestone
Concentrated Venom Toxic Lunestone
Elixir of Waking Dreams Dreaming Lunestone
Potion of Haste Quickened Lunestone

Jewelry Recipes

+ Gold Wire Fine Steel Diadem Silver Ring
Hauntstone Haunted Locket Ghostly Crown Ring of Cursed Echoes
Dreaming Lunestone Lucid Amulet Hypnotic Crown Dreamer's Ring
Phlogistone Shard Scorching Amulet Fiery Crown White-Hot Ring
Quickened Lunestone Quickened Choker Quickened Crown Quicksilver Ring
Toxic Lunestone Venomous Amulet Venomous Crown Venomous Ring

Booze Tier 1 Recipes

+ Aqua Vitae Imported Mescal
Hallucinogenic Powder Aqua Dementis Vision Quest
Moaning Vapor Aqua Ulula Spiritous Spirits
Phlogistonic Salts Aqua Ignis Flaming Matt
Stimulant Crystals Aqua Velox Loco

Booze Tier 2 Recipes

+ Concentrated Venom Red Corpuscles Temporal Precipitate
Aqua Dementis Neurotoxin Cocktail Elixir of Bloodlust Elixir of Future Memories
Aqua Ignis Elixir of Fever Dreams Elixir of Boiling Blood Elixir of Midnight Oil
Aqua Ulula Elixir of the Serpent's Tongue Elixir of Blood-Curdling Screams Elixir of Time-Lost Echoes
Aqua Velox Fast-Acting Poison Elixir of Quickened Blood Elixir of Alacrity

Sword Recipes

+ Thick Leather Straps
Sturdy Birch Branch Basic Sword Grip
+ Vicious Spikes Silver Ring Black Heart
Basic Sword Grip Vicious Hilt Luminous Hilt Sinister Hilt
+ Abysmuth Ingot Chilver Ingot Subjunctor Iron Ingot Swiftiron Ingot
Basic Sword Grip Abyssal Gladius Chilver Rapier Subjunctor Sword Swiftiron Sword
Luminous Hilt Celestial Reaper Snowburst Sabre Cunning Scimitar Blade of Sudden Insight
Vicious Hilt Abyssal Ripper Chilver Kris Marauder's Sword Swift Bloodletter
Sinister Hilt Cursed Abyssal Blade Grimfrost Blade Black Falchion Sword of Hastened Doom

Armor Recipes

+ Abysmuth Ingot Chilver Ingot Subjunctor Iron Ingot Swiftiron Ingot
Steel Boots Abyssal Boots Chilling Boots Marauder's Boots Swiftiron Boots
Steel Breastplate Abyssal Breastplate Chilling Breastplate Marauder's Plate Swiftiron Breastplate
Steel Buckler Abyssal Shield Chilling Shield Marauder's Shield Swiftiron Shield
Steel Gauntlets Abyssal Gauntlets Chilling Gauntlets Marauder's Gauntlets Swiftiron Gauntlets
Steel Helm Abyssal Helm Chilling Helm Marauder's Helm Swiftiron Helm

Miscellaneous Recipes

+ Cheap Beer
Vial of Venom Snakebite
Spider Juice Snakebite

Wand/Staves Recipes

Base Item + = Tier 1 weapon + = Tier 2 weapon + = Tier 3 weapon
Broken Phlogiston Coil Thick Leather Straps Phlogistonic Wand Phlogistone Shard Pyromancer's Wand Toxic Lunestone Wand of Cursed Flames
Polished Deadwood Dowel Thick Leather Straps Deadwood Staff Stimulant Crystals Staff of Awakening
Polished Deadwood Dowel Thick Leather Straps Deadwood Staff Red Corpuscles Bloodcharged Staff
Moondrake Stalk Thick Leather Straps Moondrake Staff Dreaming Lunestone Moongazer's Staff
Moondrake Stalk Thick Leather Straps Moondrake Staff Hauntstone Staff of Lost Souls
Unfinished Wand Thick Leather Straps Dreamer's Wand Hallucinogenic Powder Wand of Perception
Unfinished Wand Thick Leather Straps Dreamer's Wand Temporal Precipitate Wand of Dreamtime

Textile Recipes

+ Spider Silk
Potion of Mind Reading Spool of Mindthread
+ Bolt of Raw Silk
Spool of Forcethread Bolt of Forcewoven Silk
Spool of Mindthread Bolt of Mindwoven Silk
Spool of Shadethread Bolt of Shadewoven Silk
+ Leather Cord Thick Leather Straps Enchanted Hatband
Bolt of Forcewoven Silk Forcewoven Slippers Forcewoven Robes Forcewoven Hat
Bolt of Mindwoven Silk Mindwoven Slippers Mindwoven Robe Mindwoven Hat
Bolt of Shadewoven Silk Shadewoven Slippers Shadewoven Robe Shadewoven Cowl
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